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The block does not count as one of the three hits as long as the player's or players' hands were above the top of the net during the block. If their hands were not above the net, it is considered one of the three hits. After a legal block, the first hit can be taken by any player, including the player who just blocked the ball.

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Block contacts can be by more than one player and consecutive, as long as it is all one action. So if the ball is coming over, and two different players jump up and both make contact with the ball, it is one block. This is important because block contacts are not counted as team hits.

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Block assists are awarded if two or more players go up for the block, even if only one makes contact with the ball. Blocks can NEVER total more than the opponent’s hitting errors.

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Rules of Beach Volleyball for Doubles and Triples: A blocking contact is counted as a team hit. The blocking team has two more contacts to return the ball after a blocking contact. Multiple blocking contacts made during a single blocking action are legal and only count as one team hit. In Reverse Coed, males may not participate in a block.

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A block does not count as a touch so someone can tip it in a block and there will still be three hits left. How many times must the ball be touched before it goes over in volleyball? it only has to...

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In beach a block counts as a touch. In indoor volleyball it does not. Yup, blocking is a team touch in 2s. Doesn't not count as a team touch in 4s/6s. These apply to both coed and non-coed. It should be noted that a joust is not considered a hit and block scenario.

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Most reports count each solo block as “1” block and block assists as “0.5“ blocks. As I said, I like to track touches on the ball too, that way I personally know who is getting touches but doesn’t quite have it figured out yet. Remember, stats can be personalized for what you want to track, so don’t be ashamed to deviate from the norm!

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- BA = Block Assists By Team (Simple count; # of Block Assists) - Total = Total Blocks By Team (Block Solos By Team + (Block Assists By Team / 2) ) - B / Set = Blocks Per Set By Team (Total Blocks By Team / Number of Match Sets) “OTHER”: - Freeballs = Freeballs By team (Simple count; # of Freeballs)

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Block Assists: Total number of assisted blocks during the game (season). An assisted block is awarded when two or three players block the ball back into the opponent's court for a point. Each player attempting to block receives an assist even if it is obvious that only one player actually makes contact with the ball.