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SERVE. EASTERN BACKHAND. GRIP . This grip is optimal for one type of serve and that is the kick serve. The grip is also used to hit twisted serves but we recommend the mid-way grip for the twisted serve. Limitations: when serving the flat and slice serve!

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The eastern forehand tennis grip was a natural evolution from the popular continental grip used by most players before the 1920s. While the semi-western and western tennis grips are comparatively more extreme, the eastern grip allowed players to move from the continental grip without radically changing how they held the tennis racquet.

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Jul 27, 2014. #19. If a player uses eastern forehand grip or semi-western grip to serve in a waiter style or pancake throwing way, that will produce a beginner serve, but one can employ usual topspin techniques using eastern forehand grip or semi-western grip to produce more advanced serves. I used to think #3 and #4 grips were beginner serve ...

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The Eastern forehand grip remains one of the most commonly used grips in modern tennis, mostly for its comfort and flexibility. Of course, different players have different preferences. Some players will feel more comfortable using the Easterneastern forehand grip, while others prefer the advantages the Western or Continental grips provide.

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The eastern backhand grip is a very versatile way to hold the racket when hitting your backhand. This commonly used grip allows you to hit both flatter drives and high, looping rips. It is therefore by far the most common grip used to hit a one handed backhand and we at thetennisbros.com are here to explain why!

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How to Form an Eastern Grip. To form the eastern grip, place the palm side of your index finger’s bottom knuckle against the third bevel if you’re right-handed or the seventh bevel if you’re left-handed. Then, position the butt of the racquet’s handle at the base of your palm and wrap your fingers around the handle. Semi-Western Grip

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I used to use an eastern forehand grip on the serve as a kid, and for me the transition became easier by slowly rotating towards the continental over time. Even today, I can serve with a proper continental grip, but I have about a quarter to half bevel turn towards an eastern grip.

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In today’s lesson, I am excited to bring you USPTA Elite Professional, John Craig, who is joining me to help you improve your grip on the serve.Learn the 3 s...

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Huge difference between the continental and eastern forehand grips when serving. Sometimes players decide to use the eastern grip because its easier so the ...