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10 soccer defending drills. Make sure you have all your soccer coaching equipment you need for the drills before you start. 1. Defender vs Attacker 1v1 defending drill. Set up: 10 yards by 15 yards area; 3 goals; defending soccer drills 1v1. Instructions: This is going to be 1v1 phase of play with the focus on defending.

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Soccer Defending Drills will assure your team understands the tactic and technique of playing defense during a soccer match. Defending is the ability to prevent the opponent from getting chances and moving the ball forward. Although defense in soccer is not seen as a sexy part of the game, the truth is playing defense is a significant component of the game of soccer, as roughly half of your time is playing defense.

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Pick 6 players to start as defenders and assign them to a jersey color. Have two defenders start 5 yards in front of the penalty box while the other four defenders rest outside of the boundary lines. Two new defenders rotate in after each turn. All the soccer balls start with the center-cone attackers.

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Defending. The defensive soccer drills and games in this section will help you coach your players to work as a unit at the back. We look at how your players should organise themselves, what are their roles and responsibilities as defenders, and how they should react in different defensive situations. With work, you should be able to coach your players to control the game at the back and to start great passing moves leading to goals at the other end.

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stay ball-side (to defend passes) and goal-side (to deny shots) as much as possible – outside defenders play closer to the center of the field and closer to the ball than their direct opponents. mark tighter the closer you get to your own goal. recover quickly to keep shape and maintain defensive balance on the field.

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Stage 1: Use an area approx 30m x 20m. Three players stand outside the area at both ends. Three other players from each team stand in the middle third. The coach plays a ball into one end and the players at that end step into the grid to receive.

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end to end defending soccer drill. Purpose: The purpose of this soccer drill is to try to dictate where the possession teams play their next pass. Set up: 10 x 10 yard diamond; 4 cones (2 red, 2 blue) 1 soccer ball; 4 possessing players (2 target players) 2 defenders; Instructions:

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There are many defending drills to work on organization and communication. Successful defenders must be a compact unit; if an attack is coming down your right side then you must concentrate your defense to that side and the closest defender becomes the 1 st Defender, moving down the line the players become 2 nd , 3 rd and 4 th defenders assuming, of course, you are playing a back 4.