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Soccer drill to improve jockeying skills

The way to explain jockeying to your players is that you want them to delay an attack by stopping the ball from being played towards your goal without actually tackling the player. Body position is important in this soccer drill. Stay within touching distance of the attacker. Keep body between attacker and goal.

Soccer Skills - Jockeying | Soccer Drills & Practice Plans

The key principles of jockeying are: Distance to attacker – very close from behind, arm’s length from in front Body posture – crouched (knees bent) and at an angle Body position – between attacker and goal Eyes – on ball, not on body Goal – force attacker to the outside, away from the net Tip – the ...

How to coach your soccer players to jockey

by Dave Clarke in Attacking, Soccer drills and skills. PRINT. Jockeying denies an opponent time and space and delays forward progress by steering opponents away from dangerous areas – at least that’s the theory. As with any soccer skill, jockeying has to be done correctly. How to set it up. To coach your soccer players how to jockey, set up a 10-yard square.

Soccer Defense: Jockeying an Attacker | Soccer Drills & Tips ...

Jockeying or containing an attacker with the ball is one of the basics of good soccer defense. In this video, MLS star Jonathan Bornstein explains how to jockey an opponent correctly, controlling where the opponent can move. Another great soccer tip for ...

Passing pressuring and jockeying soccer drill

This basic football skills drill can be used for indoor coaching sessions, too. Run the soccer drill. Arrange your soccer (football) players into two groups. The player in possession must dribble halfway towards the other group and then make a pass. The player must then race to pressure the receiving player and then jockey for three seconds. The receiving player then repeats the soccer drill skills at the opposite end. Click here for another passing warm-up drill to try.

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Jockeying - Soccer Coach Weekly

Jockeying an opponent denies them time and space, giving other defenders the time to get back in position. What this session is about. Delaying an attack. Making play predictable. Preventing the ball from being played forward. What to think about. Stay within touching distance. Keep body between attacker and goal. Slightly sideways on body position.

Football/Soccer: Jockeying (Technical: Defensive skills ...

Jockeying, Technical: Defensive skills, Beginner, Warm Up, Description : > Knee Tag. > 40x40 grid. < Easy as That Video Teaser Video Football/Soccer Session (Beginner): Jockeying

19 Soccer Drills For u8 To Give Your Players The Edge

These defending soccer drills for u8 will help give your players a basic understanding of how to stop the opposing team players from dribbling past them in a 1v1 scenario and these soccer drills for u8 will help your players or work together as a pair to stop an opponent. jockeying defending drill for u8. Purpose: