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The Longest Kick in Football History....or not | Boyles ...

One of the most rubbery statistics in Australian Rules football is the ‘Longest Kick’. An ...

Punt (Australian football) - Wikipedia

If kicked correctly, an Australian football can travel over 60 metres, while a normal punt will travel less distance. Australian rules footballer Gordon Rattray, who played his football with the Fitzroy Football Club between 1917 and 1928, is credited as the first player to use the torpedo punt. Checkside punt

Torpedo punt - Wikipedia

The torpedo punt (also known as screw punt or spiral punt) is a type of punt kick implemented in Australian rules football, Rugby union & Rugby league, and more generally with an ellipsoidal football. The torpedo punt is the longest type of punt kick. It is also the predominant form of punt used in gridiron football codes.

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The AFL Grand Final is an Australian rules football match to determine the premiers for the Australian Football League (AFL) season. From its inception until 1989, it was known as the VFL Grand Final, as the league at that time was the Victorian Football League. Played at the end of the finals series, the game has been held annually since 1898 ...

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Rules of Aussie Rules Football. Umpires signal for all decisions and their call is final; By kicking the ball between the goal posts without it being touched by any other player, then 6 points are awarded. If the ball is kicked without being touched between the behind posts (point) then 1 point is scored. A game consist of four 20 minute quarters.

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This is a list of records from the Australian Football League (AFL) since its founding in 1897. From 1897 to 1989, it was known as the Victorian Football League (VFL). From 1897 to 1989, it was known as the Victorian Football League (VFL).

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The inner set of posts is the goal posts, 6.4 meters (roughly 7 yards) apart on the boundary line, and at least 6 meters tall. Two behind posts are set 6.4 meters from either side of the goal posts on the boundary line, and must be at least 3 meters tall. All posts must be padded to a height of 2 meters.

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The longest are 99 games for Bribery, Doug Fraser and Alex Lang, both Carlton in 1910. Next Fed Rutley of the Kangaroos 89 week for attempted kicking.