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In other words, the PokerStars rigged claim is in reality a factual occurrence because the pokersite is intentionally altering the true statistics of the game by adding in code and algorithms that essentially change actual odds.

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PokerStars is not rigged. It just appears that way sometimes due to the incredible speed of online poker. Because online poker sites like PokerStars typically deal hands 3 times faster than a live poker game, you should expect 3 times as many bad beats.

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It's not rigged, it makes no sense that it'd be rigged, Pokerstars would have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Just accept that you're bad at poker if you can't win, or that you don't understand variance.

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Okay guys, me and my fellow poker player study group came to conclusion that stars is rigged. This is for real, no joke. Just take a look. Every hand is like this.

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PokerStars acquires its former competitor Full Tilt Poker. PokerStars agrees to pay back the US customers who remained in the limbo after the DoJ shut down Full Tilt Poker operations, which totals around $184 million. PokerStars manages to salvage the brand’s assets and also pay back outstanding player debts.

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I will easily prove to you that Pokerstars is not rigged and impossible to rig. Although I will agree that the process has fault. Internet poker, is simply not the same as live poker, the title alone excludes any findings that are comparable to live poker are null and void. It is internet poker, that is different .

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A: You will often hear people complaining about how "Pokerstars is rigged", especially after a particularly bad night of cards. The complaints against Pokerstars can look something like this: 1. "I complained about something to Pokerstars support and now they rigged the site against me!" 2. "Nobody could possibly run this bad - the site must be rigged!"

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Don't play on Pokerstars, it is totally rigged. If you see you have pocket AA you just want to throw them away pre-flop after a while, you will lose 80% of the time with them when you should be winning 80% of the time. TT flop is JT7, I put us all-in. Get called with 97. 8 hits on the river.

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In poker, once you are deemed a cheat, you are essentially through as a player. Pokerstars will not risk that. In short, if you hear of someone saying Pokerstars is rigged, find out their reasoning behind their claims. Chances are they took a bad beat and are steaming from the beat.

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But does this mean PokerStars is rigged? Or maybe, just maybe, our process thinking is actually flawed? Yes, it is true, ALL online poker sites, including PS, need to be audited seriously by public organizations that actually care about the safety of its citizens and not by private companies based on some financial heavens like the Fuckpokerstars.com petition suggests.