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12 Health Benefits of Ice Hockey: A Systematic Review ...

Health benefits of Playing Ice Hockey Help you to burn extra calories Develop the cardiovascular system of your whole body Brain fuel Hand-Eye Coordination Great for Muscular Strength Easy way to Boost Metabolism Social Development Increase Agility Improve Mental Health To build character Full Body ...

Top 10 Health Benefits of Hockey

Here are the Top 10 from Health Fitness Revolution and author of the book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic: Helps burn fat and calories: The fast pace of the game requires short bursts of energy that help burn a huge number of... Develops the cardiovascular system of the body: The energy and muscular ...


Playing hockey includes the coordination between the hands and the eyes. It additionally improves the unconstrained reactions and responses of the players during the game. Rehearsing this game guides in creating coordination capacities, improves hand-eye reflexes and improves deftness. Ice hockey improves body coordination and parity.

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Benefits of Ice Hockey | Gary Tan Ice Hockey Academy

Similar to other team sports, ice hockey can bring many advantages compared to those that are played individually. Here are some examples: Besides the health benefits of getting physical activity (exercising), participants improve coordination, strength, flexibility, reflexes and agility.

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It can also help with providing brain fuel, giving you more oxygen to your brain, allowing you to think quicker and clearer. Calorie burning: Not only can playing ice hockey boost your metabolism, but it will also burn calories.

What Are the Health Benefits of Playing Hockey? | SportsRec

What Are the Health Benefits of Playing Hockey? Cardiovascular Exercise. Cardiovascular, or aerobic, exercise occurs when your movements cause your breathing and heart... Enhanced Muscular Strength. Hockey also provides a strength-training workout, with the core and leg muscles being... Improved ...

What Are the Benefits of Hockey for My Child? - Pure Hockey

Hockey for kids pays personal dividends in a variety of ways, beginning with these five benefits: Agility and Balance – Hockey helps kids learn balance and coordination as they learn how to skate in a variety of... Fueling Cardio Health – Constant skating helps fuel kids’ cardiovascular systems, ...

Hockey's Advantages & Disadvantages | SportsRec

Hockey provides a cardiovascular workout as you race up and down the rink, pushing the limits of your heart rate and lung capacity. Thirty minutes on the ice burns 240 calories in a 125-pound player and 355 calories in a 185-pound player.