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How to get the best mortgage rate? : personalfinance - reddit

4 - 4.5% is the going rate right now. You can always buy points to bring down the rates if it makes sense financially. Also, plenty of big banks offer PMI free 10.1% down loans (assuming you have cash reserves). There's not really a good reason to do anything less than a 30 year mortgage.

Better.com Mortgage Experience : Mortgages - reddit

The whole thing felt quite amateurish compared to my previous mortgage. The better guarantee was a joke. I presented my mortgage expert with a better deal I had received. Instead of beating it by $1000 as promised, he matched the rate by buying me points and increasing my closing costs by $2000 without discussing it with me nor my consent to do so.

Any recent experiences with Better.com Mortgages? - reddit

Any recent experiences with Better.com Mortgages? Housing. Better.com is offering me a great rate (3.375 with .9 points) on a refinance. Coming from 4.5, this seems like a good deal and is beating the 3.75 offers from local lenders.

Beware of Better Mortgage! : RealEstate - reddit

The sellers were going to walk on 1/12 otherwise. The only upside in this is because Better knew they messed up so badly, they lowered our rate to 2.5% and ate all of the points so we had no closing costs (seller had given us credits too because we need to install a radon system). Better honestly seems like a scam looking back on it.

Local Lender vs. Better Mortgage - reddit

Local Lender vs. Better Mortgage -- dilemma regarding who to choose. We are rapidly approaching our closing date and I need to make a decision on a lender. Some quick background information: we started the mortgage process in December using a local mortgage lender our realtor recommended. On the LE, we were given a 4.75 interest rate.

Best Mortgage Lenders? : RealEstate - reddit

Closed Just 8 days ago, so sad. Curiosity got the best of me after learning of the Miami Building Collapse. 8777 Collins, Unit 910 Surfside FL closed on 6-17, 710k. I sure hope there was some type of insurance to cover this. And Crazy how you are so happy to have a new place one day and the next Day it’s gone.