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How to Do a Layup in Basketball (6-Step Guide)

There are two important coaching points you should emphasize to players when you’re teaching them this step: (1) Long Step. We want players to gain distance with the first step, and a long step also helps with the second point… (2) Controlled. Players MUST be in control of their body as they perform their layup.

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5 Layup Drills You Must Use Next Practice (Full Instructions)

Coaching Points: Layup technique for both sides of the floor is always step with the outside foot first, then finish the layup jumping high off the inside foot. Encourage your players to try and ‘swish’ the ball off the backboard so that they make the layup without the ball touching the ring.

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Basketball Fundamentals - Lay Ups

Timing is important, as you want to shoot while the player is in the air. Emphasize holding the follow-through on the shot until after they return to the floor. Next, in cadence, call, "Set, Drive, Shoot." Explain that this, when done with proper timing, is the action involved in taking a lay-up.

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Progression 1: 1-Step Lay Up – Footwork Emphasis. Start close to the basket with your right foot forward and left foot back. Bend your knees and get low so you are ready to explode. Take a step with your left foot, jump and shoot the lay up.

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Coaches love the "and-1", a made lay-up followed by a free-throw. On the inside hand reverse lay-up, you plant the outside foot, angle your body 45 degrees from the backboard, and release the ball with the inside hand high off the backboard. So when approaching from the right side, plant your left foot, and release the ball with the right hand.

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Basketball lay up technique. A lay-up provides a player with the opportunity to drive at the opponent's basket, jump close to the target and release the ball safely at the backboard.

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Here are several lay-up drills beginning with the old simple 2-line lay-up drill, a 3-line drill (a good pre-game warm-up drill), and several full-court dribble lay-up drills that also help with conditioning and speed-dribbling.