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In the era, when there wasn't small ball and 3-point line, when the basketball was the game for the big men, one small guy invented a new type of shot. Jump shot. “Discharged from the Marines in late 1945, Kenny ... within days ... found himself in Madison Square Garden again. One shot by Kenny Sailors ... remains historic ...

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Debate still continues as to who invented the jump shot. In the NCAA collegiate archives, John Miller Cooper, who played at the University of Missouri in the 1930s, is recognized as the person to hoist the first jump shot. However, John Christgau, in The Origins of the Jump Shot, makes a strong case that Ken Sailors did so in May

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The pioneer of the jump shot, Sailors was one of the most impactful figures in basketball history, revolutionizing the game. Since the jump shot was discovered, basketball players around the world...

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Swish. — BostonGlobe.com, 1 Aug. 2021. In one moment on Sunday night, Burton stepped back and mimed a basketball jump shot to Cervantes, who leapt to receive it as the two cracked up. — Bryan C. Parker, Rolling Stone, 1 June 2021 On his phone’s lock screen is a picture of his cousin, former NC A&T forward Adrian Powell, making a jump shot against Morgan State in the 2013 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference championship game.

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A pump fake (also called a shot fake) is a feigned attempt at a jump shot, restrained before the feet leave the ground. The pump fake is a fundamental move in basketball, used to cause defenders to jump (known in basketball slang as "lifting" the defender) or be shifted off-balance.

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As Sailors skied toward the rafters to give Wyoming a 21-16 lead, camera bulbs flashed and basketball history started shifting by the time his feet returned to the hardwood.

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A fadeaway or fall-away in basketball is a jump shot taken while jumping backwards, away from the basket. The goal is to create space between the shooter and the defender, making the shot much harder to block . The shooter must have very good accuracy (much higher than when releasing a regular jump shot) and must use more strength (to counteract the backwards momentum) in a relatively short amount of time.

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jump shot. Sometimes abbreviated as J. Also called a jumper. An overhead shot taken while jumping. jump ball The jump ball is what starts every basketball game, except in 3x3. Takes place in the center of the court. K key

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In 1895–96 the points for making a basket (goal, or field goal) were reduced from three to two, and the points for making a free throw (shot uncontested from a line in front of the basket after a foul had been committed) were reduced from three to one.