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Basketball Catching Catching Stand with your back facing the wall in the distance 1,5 to 2 metres. Throw the ball against the wall (use overhead throw), turn and catch the ball. The ball cannot bounce on the floor. You need to turn on both sides - right and after left.

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Description. One defending player is trying to catch the player in possession of the ball. Players in possession of the ball can not move. Players without the ball can move though to make themselves available to receive the pass. If a player is caught whilst in possession of the ball they must now become the catcher and the drill starts again.

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Start ith the ball held behind your head with both hands. Drop the ball and quickly move your hands behind your back to catch it. Repeat.

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5 Basketball Passing Drills 1. 32 Advance How the Drill Works: Players form 3 lines spread out evenly along the baseline. The two outside lines start with a basketball. 3 players progress up the court passing the basketball’s back and forth to the middle player and then finishing the drill with two layups. Purpose:

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This will require you to throw the ball lower on the wall. Watch the ball as it is coming back to you and catch it. After catching, secure it by pulling it into your chest with elbows extended. Continue to catch the bounce passes until your successfully catch five in a row without fumbling in any way. Mix up catching chest passes and bounce passes.

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An on-time and on-target catch is considered a "complete pass". Catch the ball with your eyes and hands in a ready position to receive the basketball. Attack, meet and grab the pass. Do not wait on the pass to come to you. Teach beating the opponent to the basketball every time possible. 5 passing lanes on a defender.

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The fingers should be spread comfortably with arms held about shoulder width apart. Having the hands open prepares the fingers to catch the ball and prevents them from getting jammed. The palms should be facing toward the ball. This provides a good target for the passer and lets him know the receiver is ready to catch the ball. 6.


Toss the ball up over your head. Reverse pivot and catch the ball behind your back. Crab Walk: Walk, bent over up the floor and put the ball between the legs, back and forth as you go. The ball is brought over the front of the thigh, then through the legs and then behind the opposite thigh and around and over the thigh. JCC Youth Basketball Drills 2010 • 1 • www.jccstl.comjccstl.org