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Help Defense Drill: Jump To The Ball Series

This is an excellent advanced help defense drill to remind your players the importance of jumping to the ball. This drill teaches where you jump to the ball when you are playing strong- side (ball side) defense or weak-side defense. The defensive player will move to different spots on the floor where he will have different responsibilities depending on where the ball is.

Basketball Drill - Defence - Jump to the Ball - YouTube

Start with 2 offensive players at the top of the key, one either side, and 2 more offensive players in the wing positions. More FREE information:http://www.t...

The Jump To The Ball Drill - YouTube

The Jump To The Ball Drill - YouTube. Watch NBA Legend Shane Battier walk through jumping to the ball to teach proper defensive positioning.

Basketball | Defense Tip: Jump to the Ball

Jump to the Ball . Any time the ball is passed YOU MUST JUMP TO THE BALL. Make gradual, quick, immediate adjustments in your stance. You must be in position before the ball is caught. Jumping to the ball allows you to be in proper position to front cutters, avoid screens (be a moving target), and help teammates.

Tom Izzo Teaches how to Jump to the Ball on Defense - YouTube

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WHOLE THING: https://coachtube.com/course/basketball/defensive-and-rebound-skills/118044Follow along as Tom Izzo takes you through one ...

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Run and Jump Defense - Complete Coaching Guide

When the help defender commits to ‘jumping’ the player with the basketball, they must call out ‘Jump! or the on-ball defenders name’. This tells the current on-ball defender to switch onto the player the help defender was guarding.

Basketball Drills 1 on 1 Jump to the Ball - Coaching Toolbox

Defensive player (x1) must jump to ball and get in position to not allow cutter to go across his face. Offensive player clears to the help side of the floor and defender establishes help side position. Coach skips ball to offensive player. Defensive player must closeout and keep the ball out of the middle.

Basketball Defense Run and Jump Drills

Ball will go from one sideline to the next as the offense advances the ball up the floor. 3 on 3 Run and Jump Rotation Drill. Same set up as 3 on 3 positioning drill, allow the dribble by the offense. The defense will now attack with the run and jump. 3 on 3 Live. Run the same drill live. Make your rotations (only run and jump) on your own.